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NBA Parlay Betting Tips

These NBA parlay betting tips are crucial to success.

Key Points

– To be successful, bettors should follow these NBA parlay betting tips.

– Among NBA parlay betting tips is simply keeping them to a minimum.

NBA Parlay Betting Tips

Betting on the NBA is exciting and successful bettors will tell you it is also lucrative. Placing NBA parlay bets can result in sizable payouts. That’s one area where NBA bettors can really make some money.

The problem is that parlays are more difficult to win. Here, we define the NBA parlay, give some examples, and offer bettors solid NBA parlay betting tips to increase their chances of success.

NBA Parlay Bet Defined

A parlay is a common wager that combines two bets into a single wager. Each bet in the parlay is referred to as a “leg.” Each leg of a parlay bet must win in order for the parlay to be a winner.

If you put three bets together and two win and one loses, the parlay bet is a loss. Even if the other legs win, the entire bet loses if one leg of the parlay loses. Bettors receive no payout on the parlay bet.

The benefit of a parlay is that if all of the legs win, the wager pays out at better odds. Check your online sportsbook for parlay odds. If you make two NBA point spread bets, you’ll likely bet -110 odd on each. If you package the two bets together in an NBA parlay, you will get plus-money odds.


NBA Parlay Betting Tips - An Example

The most common parlays are NBA moneyline parlays due to their ease of use. The majority of NBA games are not evenly matched, so you only need to predict the winners of each game.

For example, the Milwaukee Bucks are -120 favorites over the Brooklyn Nets. The Golden State Warriors are +140 underdogs against the Los Angeles Lakers.

If a bettor wagers $100 on each of these games separately, he’ll win $83 on the Bucks and $140 on the Warriors should both teams win. In the end, the bettor will wager $200 and profit $223.

Instead, the bettor could wager $100 and bet these two games as a parlay. He would get +340 odds. When both teams win, his parlay bet would pay out $440 (his $100 stake plus $340 in winnings). That’s the beauty of the NBA parlay.

It’s college basketball season too. Learn to use pace and efficiency in winning more college basketball bets.

Progressive NBA Parlays

Progressive NBA parlays are bets that offer some insurance. These bets are more difficult to find, but sportsbooks will offer them. Bettors should have a dynamic online wagering portal where they can locate these types of bets.

Bettors must include at least four to six NBA games (depending upon the sportsbook) with the advantage that one of the legs can lose. Of course, sportsbooks are in the business of making money; therefore, the odds on a progressive parlay are significantly less than that of a regular parlay bet.

That is the trade off of a progressive parlay.

NBA Point Spread Parlays

You choose two or more teams to cover the spread when you place an NBA point spread parlay. The typical two-team parlay would have odds of +264. Most NBA point spread bets come with odds of -110, but putting them together in a parlay bet offers the increased odds.

Let’s consider Brooklyn as a 2-point underdog to Milwaukee and Los Angeles is a 3.5-point favorite over Golden State. The “hook,” or the half-point, is commonly added to NBA point spreads to prevent a “Push,” or tie. In this case, if Brooklyn loses by exactly two points, there is no winner or loser.

With a wager of $100 on this two-team parlay, the bettor watches as the Nets lose by one and the Lakers win by five. The parlay is a winner and instead of earning $83 on individual point spread bets, this bettor wins $264 on his parlay.

Bettors can always buy NBA picks and use those to help in putting together a solid parlay.

NBA Parlay Betting Tips - Totals

When it comes to NBA totals, parlays continue to follow the same guidelines. Take the following example.

A bettor wagers $100 on a two-team parlay. The bettors likes the Nets-Bucks score to go Over 235.5 and the Warriors-Lakers score to go Under 227.5.

Each of these individual bets comes with -110 odds; however, once again this two-team parlay bet results in odds of +264. If both legs of the bet win, this bettor wins $264 on his $100 wager.

How to Bet NBA Parlays

When putting together an NBA parlay bet, keep in mind that less is more. Your best bet is to keep it at two teams. It’s hard enough to win one bet. Winning two is more difficult - hence the odds increase - but winning three or more is exponentially harder.

As you add more teams to your parlay, the odds do increase. Those odds are the draw, but remember it is more difficult to win. Choosing two games, three games tops, is the best NBA parlay strategy.

Also among NBA parlay betting tips is this - bet on moneylines. When analyzing basketball betting lines, you only have to choose winners. You don’t have to deal with point spreads.

Another thought. Don't assume that you must wager on two games from the same day when looking at the betting card. Betting on games on different days is possible and should be considered when looking for value in a parlay.

Consider parlaying games if you are confident in the matchups. For example, you like a game on Wednesday where the line has already been released and you like a game on Tuesday. It’s possible to combine the bets into a parlay and increase your payout.

NBA Two-Team Teasers

Teasers are a form of parlay where bettors can adjust the point spread in their favor. Teaser betting can be fun and exciting. For example, the Knicks are a 5.5-point favorite over Charlotte. The Sixers are a 3.5-point underdog against the Celtics.

The 5-point NBA teaser is the most common. The bettor can wager on the Knicks -0.5 and the Sixers at +8.5. The Knicks only have to win by one and the Sixers can lose by eight or less or win outright.

Because of the point adjustment, the odds will not be as high as a typical two-team parlay. This parlay, for example, might come with even money odds. That’s still better than betting the two games separately.

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