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How to Bet on UFC


Do you want to bet on UFC, but unsure how?

Key Points

– There are numerous ways to bet on UFC fights.

– UFC offers many of the same betting markets as other sports.

How to Bet on UFC

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC as it has come to be known, has increased in popularity since its humble beginnings. In the early days, fighters fought each other regardless of size and weight.

Fast forward and the sport rivals the four major North American professional sports and it has become a niche for bettors. Betting on UFC fights is fun and can be very lucrative. You just have to know how to be on UFC.


Picking the Fight Winner

One of the most popular UFC bets and really the easiest to understand is simply picking a UFC fight winner. Virtually every week of the season, there is a UFC Fight Night.

There is typically a main event with a full undercard of preliminary fights. This opens up multiple opportunities for UFC bettors who are looking for value in a fight.

The bet is a simple moneyline wager on one fighter to beat the other. Here’s an example.

       Curtis Blaydes             +105

       Tom Aspinall               -125

Aspinall is the favorite in this heavyweight division matchup. A bettor would have to wager $125 to win $100 on Aspinall should he be the winner. A $100 bet on the underdog Blaydes would pay out $105 if he pulled the upset.

Betting on UFC underdogs has been a strong play historically. Over the past eight years, underdogs have won 35 percent of their fights.

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The manner of victory does not matter in this case. As long as the fighter you wagered on wins the bout, your bet is a winner.

Now, there is another betting opportunity related to picking a fight winner. Because a UFC fight can end in a draw, UFC bettors can also find action on a 3-way moneyline.

This bet includes the possibility of a draw. It is a rare occurrence in UFC fights. Only 1.7 percent of all UFC bouts end with the fighters in a draw. However, bettors can take a chance on it in the 3-way moneyline bet.

The odds will be somewhat different on each fighter. The big difference is the option of choosing the draw. Typically, it comes with very long odds. Check out the example below.

       Curtis Blaydes             +145

       Tom Aspinall               -165

       Draw                            +6500

Bet on UFC Totals

If you’re new to UFC betting, you might not see how bettors are able to bet totals. They can though, just like in other sports. UFC totals bets are on the number of rounds a fight will last.

UFC fights are either three or five round bouts. Three-round fights will have a total of 1.5. Five-round bouts have a total normally set at 2.5.

What really makes UFC totals interesting is that when a fight ends plays a key role in determining the Over/Under. Rounds are 5:00 long and a fight can be stopped at any time.

If a fight has a total of 2.5 rounds, to win a bet on the Over a fight must end after the 2:30 mark of the third period. If a fight went the distance, that’s a win on the Over. If it ended in Round 4, that’s also a win, but if the fight ended a minute into the third round the bet is a loss. Remember, when the fight ends is crucial in determining the total.

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Go The Distance

Speaking of going the distance, UFC bettors can find action on this Yes/No wager. It’s not as popular a bet as Round Totals, but bettors need to understand the difference between the two.

The differences between the two are very subtle. Oftentimes, it comes down to a choice between the two bets. Understanding the differences can help in making that choice.

Winning Method

UFC fights can end in a number of different ways. One fighter can knock the other out or there can be what’s called a technical knockout. Fighters may also make their opponent submit for a win by submission and a fighter could win by a disqualification.

A fight that goes the distance can be decided by a decision. The decision can be unanimous, a majority, or a split. There is also a technical decision and UFC fights can end in a draw.

Betting on Method of Victory is similar to betting on the Fight Winner. It’s a moneyline bet that has a number of choices. Here’s an example.

            Fight Result                                       Curtis Blaydes                       Tom Aspinall

            KO, TKO, Submission, DQ                        +600                                        +175

            Decision, Technical Decision                    +400                                        +150

In this category, the bettor must choose a fighter to win and the method of victory. As a result, the odds are a bit more favorable. If the bettor likes the underdog, picking a method of victory too can result in a larger payout than just picking the underdog to win.

Bet on UFC Futures

One of the more popular futures bets in the major sports is on a team to win that season’s championship. In the NFL, it’s the Super Bowl winner. In the UFC, there are also futures bets at MMA sportsbooks. The most popular are related to weight class champions at the end of a given period of time. Typically, that is at the end of a calendar year.

Take the following example. These are the odds to be the UFC Heavyweight Champion at the end of 2022.

            To Be Heavyweight Champion at End of 2022

       Francis Ngannou        +225

       Ciryl Gane                   +275

       Curtis Blaydes             +600

       Jon Jones                   +650

The great thing about UFC futures bets is that bettors get a number of solid candidates at favorable odds.

UFC Prop Bets

Prop bets are available for UFC fights and they are any bet not related to a total or any type of moneyline bet.

There are props such as “Will the two fighters touch gloves before the fight?” UFC props like these will vary by sportsbook. Some have a wide variety others don’t.

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